[Metroid Prime 3: Corruption]20 Best Wii Games Of All Time


  After the excellent duology on the GameCube, we got a third Metroid Prime game on the Wii, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

  On a mission with some bounty hunters, Samus gets corrupted by Dark Samus’s Phazon. Samus is now on the clock to defeat Dark Samus to cure herself before she gets too corrupted. If that wasn’t enough for her to worry about, Samus must also find out what happened to the bounty hunters she went on that initial mission with.

  It’s actually a pretty good story which isn’t exactly common in Nintendo games. It’s also one of the few Metroid games to take place across multiple smaller planets instead of one large one. This allows for more variety in the environment and is a welcome change – even though exploring one singular location is still great.

  The game was later released as a part of the Metroid Prime: Trilogy collection, which compiles all three games and adds motion controls to the first two which surprisingly makes those games even better.

  This game is great, it’s a shame they didn’t make any more Metroid games on the Wii. Metroid: Other M? That was just a bad dream right?