[free xbox controller]Xbox Apologizes For Design Lab Issues With $10 Gift Card


  Xbox is sending out $10 of online store credit as an apology to users experiencing error messages on the recently relaunched Xbox Design Lab.

  By J. Brodie Shirey

  Published 6 days ago


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  Xbox is issuing out free $10 gift cards as an apology for users struggling with the newly-launched Design Lab website. This popular feature was brought back online during Microsoft and Bethesda’s E3 showcase earlier this month, after having been temporarily discontinued to prepare for the launch of the new Xbox Series X in the fall of 2020.

  The premise for Xbox Design Lab is simple: players can design their own custom Xbox controllers (within reason, of course) and have them physically delivered. The variety of possible controller designs is virtually limitless, with 18 colors available for fans to come up with their own special paint jobs or even recreate iconic set-ups of the past like the classic white Xbox 360 controller. Unfortunately, players who have attempted to use the Design Labs site have been receiving error messages when they try to save or order their custom designs, resulting in hours of work being lost.

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  As reported by GameRant and relayed by IGN Executive Editor Ryan McCaffrey on Twitter a couple of days ago, Xbox is well aware of the issues surrounding the Design Lab and is sending out $10 worth of Microsoft Store credit to affected users as compensation. Interestingly enough, some players have decided to use this extra money to have their custom controllers engraved. While the problems that led to these error messages have reportedly been resolved, not everyone has received their gift cards yet.

  Anyone else get this email today after ordering a custom controller from the Xbox Design Lab?

  Nice of them to give a $10 credit for the inconvenience. I took that as an opportunity to re-order the exact same Xbox 360-inspired design but this time I got a “free” engraving! pic.twitter.com/KH7nPrkoNK

  — Ryan McCaffrey (@DMC_Ryan) June 25, 2021

  Xbox has been putting out a few custom designs of its very own, such as its commemorative Pride Month design, which was unfortunately only provided to influencers online, or the striking Pulse Red layout from the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, fans have been making their own Xbox controller designs even before Design Lab was brought back, such as YouTuber Linus Sebastian’s shiny but expensive solid gold Xbox Series X controller.


  While the error messages that have been plaguing Xbox Design Lab since its relaunch have certainly been annoying for creative players trying to customize their gaming set-ups, at least Microsoft is acknowledging the problem and providing affected users with some extra spending cash as an apology. Hopefully, the technical difficulties that caused the error messages in the first place have been dealt with, and fans can log back into Xbox Design Lab to work on their sweet new custom Xbox controller layout without fear of a glitch ruining hours of hard work.

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  Source: GameRant, Ryan McCaffrey/Twitter


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