[google play store apk]Battlegrounds Mobile India release: Google Play Store, APK, OBB download links for Android smartphon


  In a good news for lakhs of PUBG Mobile India lovers, South Korean company Krafton initiated Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Early Access/Open Beta on the Android platform on Thursday (June 18).

  Interested players can now download Battlegrounds Mobile India on their Android devices in order to have a glance at what the game is set to offer. The PUBG Mobile India lovers can do that using the APK and OBB files or via the Google Play Store.

  How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India using APK+ OBB files and Google Play StoreAPK and OBB files

  Battlegrounds Mobile India APK: Click here

  Battlegrounds Mobile India OBB: Click here

  Battlegrounds Mobile India APK for Android 9 devices: Click here

  Notably, the size of the APK file is 72 MB, while the size of OBB file is 637 MB. This means that the Battlegrounds Mobile India players need to have sufficient storage on their phones in order to download the desi version of PUBG Mobile India.

  Step 1: Download both APK and OBB files of Battlegrounds Mobile India using the links provided above.

  Step 2: Next, install the APK file, but do not open it yet. Change the name of the OBB file to “main.15255.com.pubg.imobile”

  Step 3: Paste the OBB to Android/OBB/com.pubg.imobile

  Step 4: After this, gamers need to open the application of Battlegrounds Mobile India and select between either of the two Resource Packs.

  Step 5: Finally, they can log in to enjoy playing Battlegrounds Mobile India

  According to Krafton, the progress of the Early Access will be saved and available with the final release of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

  The good news is that players can also avail Battlegrounds Mobile India on their devices via the Google Play Store but for this they will have to a part of the Beta Program in order to download it.


  Note: The APK+OBB files may not work for users who have not pre-registered for the game.


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