[The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood]Elder Scrolls Online Runs On Nintendo Switch Thanks To Mods


  One Elder Scrolls Online player has found a creative way to play the popular MMORPG on Nintendo Switch through a combination of different mods.

  By Tyler Haughn

  Published May 30, 2021


  Elder Scrolls Online Runs On Nintendo Switch Thanks To Mods

  Elder Scrolls Online?can technically be played on?the Nintendo Switch, in a development that may come as good news for Nintendo console owners. Elder Scrolls Online is currently available to purchase and download on most gaming platforms except for Nintendo consoles. The popular multiplayer game?is being optimized?for next-gen consoles too. It has already been announced that Elder Scrolls Online is?coming to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S next month on June 15. Developer Zenimax Online Studios recently made the call to delay ESO:?Console Enhanced?by one week to avoid releasing the upcoming Blackwood expansion and the Console Enhanced update on the same day.

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  Elder Scrolls Online Runs On Nintendo Switch Thanks To Mods

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  The next expansion will introduce a number of new features to the game. Blackwood?will be the fifth full expansion to appear in Elder Scrolls Online. There have also been over 12 DLCs added to the game in that same time period. Blackwood is set to draw heavy influence from the 2006 release?The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Fans of?The?Elder Scrolls series will remember confronting the Daedric forces of Mehrunes Dagon, the chief antagonist in Skyrim’s predecessor, and traveling to the hellish plane of Oblivion. The expansion will also include a brand-new feature that has never appeared in?Elder Scrolls Online before: a companions system. Players will be joined by two computer-controlled allies?named Bastion and Mirri Elendis. Their gear and appearance can be changed and they can also be leveled up.

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  Unfortunately for Nintendo Switch owners, Elder Scrolls Online remains unavailable on the platform. However, one modder has seemingly found a way around this. Reddit user?Gadaaavo?has managed to?find?a way to play Elder Scrolls Online on their Nintendo Switch. This can be done by using Xbox Remote Play in combination with a variety of mods. The modder posted a step-by-step guide on how to?access the?MMORPG?on Nintendo.

  A major?reason why so many players flock to?Elder Scrolls Online is its exploration. The game gives players the chance to explore different locations within the sprawling environments of Tamriel. Conversely, each main series Elder Scrolls title, with the exception of the first one released in 1994, only explores one specific area of the continent. Players?have enjoyed being able to revisit areas of the world from previous titles. For example, the first Elder Scrolls Online expansion was set in Morrowind and?allowed players to explore areas of the map that did not feature in the original version of Morrowind, which was the focus of the third?Elder Scrolls?title.

  The Elder Scrolls Online is easily one of the most popular multi-platform MMORPGs right now. For players who do successfully play the game on Nintendo Switch,?the transition will certainly come with its benefits. With so much content waiting to be discovered, fans who use this exploit can keep exploring Tamriel while on the go.

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  The Elder Scrolls Online?is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The?Console Enhanced?update for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will arrive on June 15.



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