“The innate desire to extend horizons and define new limits is an instinct we’ve always understood at Rolls-Royce,” says Rolls-Royce chief Torsten Müller-?tv?s. “The Collection celebrates someone with exactly that dauntless, fearless, pioneering spirit. George Eyston embodies so much of what makes Rolls-Royce unique.”

  The latest models from Goodwood are both Black Badge editions of the Wraith and Dawn embellished with typically well-crafted details that hark back to Eyston’s LSR run in 1938. They come in a new two-tone paint finish – Black Diamond and Bonneville Blue – with touches inside that include facia veneers engraved to recall the fissured surface of the Salt Flats. And yes, RR went out there to take a digital trace of the surface to make sure it was accurate…