[rpg for kids]Food for thought: RPG chief explains life’s basics using paani poori


  If you are one to learn then the simplest of things can impart the most important lessons. For eg, what can the humble paani poori teach you? Nothing much, one would think. But RPG Enterprises chairperson Harsh Goenka would beg to differ. Goenka shared a picture of paani pooris on Twitter with the caption, “Paani poori….. life lessons (WA)”. This picture features paani poori and life lessons like the human body is 60 per cent water and it is sometimes better to give than to receive or life is how sweet or spicy you want to make it.

  Paani poori …… life lessons (WA) pic.twitter.com/QwCjd4b0Y4

  — Harsh Goenka (@hvgoenka) June 29, 2021

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  Some users stated that one should enjoy both life and paani poori, others asked could they call it food for thought. The entrepreneur is known for sharing interesting takes on life on his Twitter account. In a recent post, Goenka talked about every person’s dream being a 7-figure salary and a loving wife. “Every person’s ‘sapna’- 7 figure salary, 6 figure savings, 5 bedroom house, 4 wheeler SUV, 3 week off, 2 loving kids and 1 loving wife. Order written from easy to difficult!”

  Every person’s ‘sapna’ –

  7 figure ki salary

  6 figure ki bachat

  5 bedroom ka ghar

  4 wheel ki badi gaadi

  3 week ki chutti

  2 pyare bachhe

  1 loving biwi

  Order written from easy to difficult !

  — Harsh Goenka (@hvgoenka) June 28, 2021

  Edited by Mehak Agarwal

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