[Darksiders Genesis]PS Now February 2021 Update Adds Detroit: Become Human, Call of Duty, Darksiders Genesis, and More



  1Gaia093Tue 2nd Feb 2021

  Awesome, I want to play both Detroit and Little Nightmares. The mileage I’m getting out of this subscription is something else.



  2JB_WhitingTue 2nd Feb 2021

  Kinda annoying they’ve put two PS Plus Collection games on there. However, Darksiders Genesis was good fun, and far better than the woeful DS III.



  3CikajovazmajTue 2nd Feb 2021

  They need to merge PS Now and PS Plus, and stop doubling on same games.. Every time for the last few months I already have half of these games in my collection



  4VoltanTue 2nd Feb 2021

  Still no PS Now for me in Poland but I just wanted to say that Darksiders Genesis is a cool twin stick shooter with some nice presentation.



  5fR_eeBritneyTue 2nd Feb 2021

  @JB_Whiting DS3 was such a disappointment. I only made it to the first boss and quit. The first Darksiders was brilliant but it all just started to go downhill from there. Looking forward to trying Genesis though. The gameplay I’ve seen reminded me of Lara Croft Temple of Osiris.



  6Snake_V5Tue 2nd Feb 2021

  I wish Sony would stop keep giving us games on PS Now that we’ve already had as part of PS Plus. They should just merge them both together. With Sony doing this it’s like we’re not really getting any games because we’ve already had them on PS Plus.



  7XanderTigerclawTue 2nd Feb 2021

  Obligatory “When Does Australia Get PS Now?” Comment?



  8themightyantTue 2nd Feb 2021

  @Gaia093 Little Nightmares is great. The DLC is brilliant too. Enjoy the not-scary horror of it all.



  9costa69grTue 2nd Feb 2021

  So glad I cancelled my PS Now subscription They keep offering the same games on PS Plus. I understand some will disagree, paying two subscriptions for the same games seems good value to some.



  10AFCCTue 2nd Feb 2021

  Huge question. Since Hitman 2 leaves NOW, does it mean I will lose access to it on Hitman 3?



  11KiendaTue 2nd Feb 2021

  Everyone with PlayStation Now who hasn’t played Detroit Become Human, please play it.

  It’s absolutely one of my favourites this generation and I can’t recommend it highly enough.



  12somethingwildTue 2nd Feb 2021

  @Cikajovazmaj Merging is not financially viable but the doubling up needs to stop, its the reason I’ve stopped my sub for Now. Go back to more indie games and save the AAAs for Plus.



  13RobinsadTue 2nd Feb 2021

  2k battlegrounds didn’t take long did it



  14HyperluminalTue 2nd Feb 2021

  @Snake_V5 never going to happen. PSNow is not available in many countries.



  15sullivans2004Tue 2nd Feb 2021

  Ngl I want some more PS2 games on PS Now, that would be cool……



  16LogonogoTue 2nd Feb 2021

  @Robinsad right I was almost excited to see it on there because of how new it is but then had to remind myself it is probably not even worth playing



  17SilentScorpion_Tue 2nd Feb 2021

  @fR_eeBritney I’ve got all 3 games via ps plus over the yrs and was thinking of playing all 3 in order, what was so bad about 3? Also do you have to play the previous games to understand the story in 3?



  18JsladeTue 2nd Feb 2021

  Good month. Black Ops 3 looks like it could be some fun.



  19Jimmer-jammerTue 2nd Feb 2021

  @fR_eeBritney Genesis is great! It’s classic Darksiders, despite the new camera angle. Also, co-op works great and the soundtrack is top notch. As a huge Darksiders fan, I found it to be a very satisfying package.



  20fR_eeBritneyTue 2nd Feb 2021

  @SilentScorpion_ The first game was a much simpler and more linear game (which I preferred). I’ve heard it described as being a cross between the original God of War games and Zelda – but I’ve never played Zelda. It does have a few similarities with God of War, which is probably why I enjoyed it so much.

  The second game became more open-world and a bit messy honestly, with loot drops and dialogue options with npc’s. Some of the environments were stunning but overall it felt like a much lower budget game compared to the first and just didn’t have the same charm.

  As for the third game… I don’t know if I just wasn’t in the right mood or what but I found it really frustrating. It’s much harder than the first two games for a start and checkpoints are few and far between. I decided early on that I wasn’t willing to put myself through it.

  Just give the first game a try and go from there.



  21SilentScorpion_Tue 2nd Feb 2021

  @fR_eeBritney Thanks for the detailed reply. I’ve seen Gameplay of all 3 just bits and bobs but didn’t know they changed fhe the world style from linear to open etc between games. I’m getting really burned out of Open World Style games tbh because their too god damn long making working through a backlog near impossible. I’ll play the first one and see how it goes but I loved the look of 3 just wasn’t sure weather you NEED to play the previous ones to understand the story or not?



  22JuanalfTue 2nd Feb 2021

  @fR_eeBritney I didn’t like the third at first but after I stuck with I loved it. It definitely was the hardest of all of them and I think they were going for some Dark Souls style game. So if you’re into the soul games this is something that’s in that alley.



  23fR_eeBritneyTue 2nd Feb 2021

  @SilentScorpion_ It’s been a while since I played them but I’m sure each game opens with a cut-scene that explains the events from the previous game(s).

  Die hard Darksiders fans would probably say you need to play them all in order but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary.



  24fR_eeBritneyTue 2nd Feb 2021

  @Juanalf I remember I was quite looking forward to playing Darksiders 3 but the jump in difficulty was too drastic for me at the time. They should at least allow you settle into the world before smacking you down

  I should give it another try really.



  25Jurgens-Red-ArmyTue 2nd Feb 2021

  I’m glad i didn’t renew ps plus last October and just stuck with ps now.As the guy at the top said “they need to merge” both ps plus/now are similar to each other,if they merge you can cater to those that just play online and those that just play the game and not multiplayer. Just an idea.



  26Jurgens-Red-ArmyTue 2nd Feb 2021

  @fR_eeBritney This happened to me when it came on,when i first tried it i kept getting killed on the first boss so i ended up sacking it off and have not looked back.Will definitely try genesis just to say i gave it a go.



  27BubaManTue 2nd Feb 2021

  The message is clearly “get Plus OR Now, not both”



  28EadgarTue 2nd Feb 2021

  @SilentScorpion_ There is nothing wrong with Darksiders III apart from some technical issues. Other than that, it is a great “souls” game and a worthy inclusion to the series. You get to play as Fury, which is fun.

  I love the series and have both I and II on the PS3, but I have to say, i loved III the best. I am a huge fan and admirer of “souls-like” games so I believe that has to be the reason why I love III the most.

  You do not need to play the first two games to get into III, though it will help understand the story situation a tad bit. Give it a try.



  29haoieTue 2nd Feb 2021

  Detroit is one of my all time PS4 faves. The story path can change VERY dramatically, certainly far more variation than past Quantic Dream titles.



  30Dreman99Tue 2nd Feb 2021

  Need ps5 update for detroit become human so bad



  31ATacoWed 3rd Feb 2021

  @AFCC As long as you downloaded the Hitman 2 pack for Hitman 3 before losing access to Hitman 2, you should still keep Hitman 2 content in Hitman 3. Just tested it now.



  32AFCCThu 4th Feb 2021

  @ATaco thank you!!!



  33Phuzion1Fri 19th Feb 2021

  I don’t know about these comments. For me PS Plus and PS Now were for very different gamers.

  Detroit is more of a Now release really. It’s the whole Two Souls, Heavy Rain and Until Dawn thing that PS Now has always been good for.

  PS Plus is more for online gamers and AAA gamers.

  I hate PS Plus because 1. I find AAA games ***** 90% of the time and 2. I don’t play online.

  I do like the FMV games like those mentioned above, the 2D arcade fighters, strategy and puzzle games, so PS Nos is great for me.

  They are so different, I just presumed people who got one didn’t get the other.


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