[newby bridge hotel]Childhood sweethearts had wedding of dreams at The Swan Hotel in Newby Bridge



  As a teenager, Mr Richardson, who works as a stonemason, bought his future wife an engagement ring which she wore for 22 years throughout their separation.

  ”We went out for nine months when we were 15 and I was madly in love with him,” Mrs Richardson said.

  ”He was so special to me, but we ended up going our separate ways and having children.

  ”I got married for 16 years and he was with his partner for 17 years but I still always loved him.

  ”Then when we were both separated, we got back in touch as friends and got back together.”


  The couple, who live in Wasdale, became engaged during a holiday to Croatia a year into their relationship.

  ”Graeme actually proposed with the same engagement ring he gave me at 15,” Mrs Richardson, who works as a carer, said.

  ”I had no idea he was going to propose. I truly believe it was fate and meant to be.

  ”I knew we would have our time again, I just didn’t know how or when. We used to have a special boathouse we would both go to when we were 15 and only find out when we got back together that we used to both visit the same boathouse later on in life. It’s literally like The Notebook! It’s the most romantic story.”


  The lovestruck pair was forced to rearrange their wedding twice due to the Covid-19 pandemic before deciding to book an elopement at The Swan Hotel in Newby Bridge.

  ”We both just thought why not? I’m marrying the love of my life,” Mrs Richardson said.

  ”It was the most beautiful, sunny day. There were pheasants and rabbits hopping on the grass.

  ”I felt dead calm and relaxed. It just felt so right. It was just me, Graeme, my mum and dad.

  ”We had burgers and champagne. There was no rushing, it was just brilliant.”


  The couple hope to have a big party with their nearest and dearest once coronavirus restrictions ease.

  ”We’re hoping to have a big celebration at some point,” Mrs Richardson said.

  ”But I’m so pleased we got married this way – it was so emotional.

  ”I’ve been waiting since I was 15 to marry him. It was like fate said we were meant to be together.”

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