[RIDER 4 GAME]Parking room | 地,Can dance Low Rider


  Low Rider,That is, what we often say, jumping,Also called Lo-Lo,This is a very distinctive modified style.Low Rider has been born for more than half a century,In the 1950s,Full of changes in transformation everywhere.then,A group of Mexicans and Spanians living in Los Angeles,Being keen to study the vintage cars she bought,And modified them.Unlike the modification scheme yearning for more powerful power,They are more keen to lower the chassis of the car,And painted gorgeous appearance in the body,So there is a Low Rider.

  Low Rider will exaggerately bounce,It is mainly to install a decorator in the car driving department.In the instant of pressing a lever,The pump body will increase the pressure at once.Transferred from the pipeline to four wheels,Make the vehicle can bounce.Considering the inertia of the vehicle landing,Therefore, it is also necessary to add a strong shock absorber system in the suspension.The thick lower arm is also clearly visible in the engine compartment.The damping spring needs to be strengthened.Next,Appreciate a few beautiful Low Rider together.


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