[Cobra Kai QuickBooks]Can a person’s brand continues?New Zealand denim Ande whall closed


  Nowadays a person’s brand,It is estimated that many people will think of the US Roy Slaper cowboy,This is the famous brand that Roy from the head to the tail.It is also a model of one person in One Man.in the market,It’s really not much, and it is true that it is true that it is really not much.Some can’t keep it in a few years.Today, Dening said (Denimsay) Share the Ande Whall denim brand of New Zealand.


  Founder Ande after operating the 21-year toy industry,Accumulation of the first bucket of gold, founded this brand in 2013,Because usually like raising jeans,So the handsome manifests make the original color jeans in your mind.As a fan of cross-boundary transformation,He initially exchanged some like-minded friends in Sufu and cowboy.Learn the production process of jeans,And understand the sewing and other related knowledge to go to the sea.



  As a human craftsman denim brand,Ande Whall is too pursuit of perfection and cost is too high.He claims toA man handmade a good original color jeans cost,Do not consider sewing technology first,Light is a large number of hardware,It will make you into a river in purchasing different fabrics.In the collapse of the front,The loyal old customers also tried to bundish born,due to several reasons,Ande refused.Eventually produce the remaining materials 30 jeans,The preferential price gives back to everyone.

  But soon, I was snapped up.So what is their AW trousers?First of all, he gave the name of the animal.For example: Cobra Cobra is Super Slim (Super Slim), the Mustang Wild Horse is Slim (slim), Caribou North American Reindeer is Regular (ordinary),As for the Buffalo Bison, it is to LOOSE.Very image,vivid,J.


  Then the design is also very creative,In the establishment of the Ande Whall, the first SR5 colorful sewer jeans is launched.21 yields,Its weft is short red,green,yellow,Blue four colors are woven,Therefore, there is a color dot on the trousers.13oz red comrades from Okayama, Japan,New Zealand studio handmade,Priced price of $ 265


  The most proud product,Ande gall personally designs a Wolf wolf denim jacket,Equipped with a corduroy,Natural indigo darling Danning cloth at One WAHSOrigin Japan, Okayama,Walnut colored six-sided corduroy,Ramper sharp collar,Plus the blue white star inner shirt,Give the whole piece of this dress to american retro atmosphere.Priced price of $ 345




  Finally, share the color drop charts of their classic best-selling jeans and denim jacket!This is probably benefited from Japanese fabric and handmade power.

  Ande Whall SR7 14.5oz jeans (raise 2.5 years,Wash several times)





  Ande Whall Grizzly denim jacket (for 4 years, 15 wash)




  How many skills do you think can you hold a cowboy brand?Can the future of a person continue?Welcome to join us,Thank you.

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