[Scott Pilgrim 5]碧 暗 游戏 游 小子 Scott is about to return


  In the Xbox360 and PS3 era,Yubi has launched a 2D pixel game called by the same name. Scott Pilgrim vs. The world “”This game is excellent in quality.However, suddenly from Xbox Live and PSN from Xbox Live and PSN in 2014.This is for a game that has not been sold out,Players have lost opportunities to buy this.Many players want to play this work again.Yubi has also expressed the will of re-selling this.And all seems really hope.

  ”小 Scott” game propaganda film:

  Yubi official said that I hope to re-sell 2D pixel action game “歪 小子 Scott” in the modern game platform.Excellent game quality,I also got the recognition and love of the original author of “歪 child Scott”.He has also said that it has also returned this game as the biggest goal of life.


  recently,The American Film Academy holds the “child Scott” movie version of Edgar Wright director.Actor, director himself and comic novel “child Scott” original author Bryan Lee O’malley participated in this event.Bryan Lee O’Malley During the event, BRYAN LEE O’MALLEY wrote through the Twitter release message “Let” child Scott “game back”,And the issuance of this game is induced by the official twice with a “thinking face” expression.This interaction makes the game fans.Maybe Yibem is currently considering the return of the game.


  Until now,I didn’t give birth to the cause of “smasher Scott” in Yubi.Some people think that they are related to the original copyright,However, considering that the ambiguity of the original author seems to reappear in front of the player in front of the player.If you can play this work on a modern game platform,Obviously a thing,Just this time I hope that Yuki should not forget the sales entity version.