Justin Fields Madden 21]Huang Mingxi Justin Warm Interpretation Dream New Zhu Xian promotion song


  Dream new Zhu Xian “Thousands of Miles Dream” test has just ended,Dao friends may also be immersed in the Yuyun of Xian Xia World.The production team has prepared a new surprise for the players – Dream new Zhu Xian invites the new generation idol singer Huang Mingji Justin made a chance of the theme song,Songs and MV will be announced on May 14th!

  Huang Mingxi Justin also recorded exclusive greetings videos for fans and players.Let’s take a look!


  【黄 黄 昊,Show “There is less love” Xian Xia World]

  Langang teenager,Take a dream,Huang Mingxi Justin as a new generation idol,Since the exhibitionI have always maintained a juvenile vision.I don’t forget the joy,keep trying,Give back to the public with excellent character and excellent strength.This fantasy new Zhu Xian handed with Huang Mingxi,Create the theme song for game creation,Through more videopic experience,Presenting this “less love” like a dream Xian Xia World to the players.


  Huang Mingzhao interprets the end of life

  [Announcement of songs to interpret Van Yao,Hearing the old players

  Just as the song says “dreams will meet you in the end of the world.I will see it.”The end of the dream” reunion “is the subject,Not only because the song carries the emotions and hopes of Fan Yao,It is a reunion of Xiaofan and Bagui.It is becauseThe song also symbolizes the reunion of players and 仙; the memories of players and their hearts, and the new dreams of the expectation!


  Fantasy new 诛仙

  [Appointment game,Experience Dream Xian Xia]

  I hope that the Taoist friends will be accompanied by the dream of the theme song.Relive the classic classic,In the world of dreams,Complete friends,Yu Jian City, the city of Haotao.Appointment game,And Huang Mingzhao is a dream!

  May 14th,Lock the dream new Zhu Xian,Together with Huang Mingxi Justin,Waiting for the return of the far dream.