[Madden NFL 21 Stadia]Frontal Google Stadia Director joined Xbox Clouds; Sai Bohike returned to PS store 丨 Daily



  2021/6/22: Quick Hand King Glory Club Settled in Suzhou; 2021 Q1 China Cloud Service Expenditure to 6 billion US dollars

  Front of the Google Stadia joined Xbox cloud tour

  Early news on June 22,Is Microsoft Hiring?Kim Swift serves as senior director of Cloud Tour,Responsible for the cooperation between the Xbox Game Studio Publishing Company and the Independent Studio in Cloud Tour.

  It is reported that,Swift is the joint creator of the game “Portal” (Portal).Previously, Stadia served as the game design director.

  Swift is also the creation of the game “Narbacular Drop” issued in 2005.Valve then took away the team behind this game.Produced the “transfer door”.She then worked for companies such as Airtight Games, Amazon and Ea Motive.

  Google closed the internal Stadia game studio in February,Many members of the team subsequently hopped to other companies.

  Box game studio publishing company headed Pitt?Peter Wyse said: “Swift will establish a team that focuses on the new experience on the cloud.This will support our mission,Connect the Xbox game to 3 billion players.

  Saibu Repends return to PS store

  June 22 news,”Sai Bo Trice 2077″ is after being taken for more than 6 months,Today, I returned to the Sony PlayStation store.but,Cd Projekt Red has an important reminder for PS4 users: “Users may continue to meet some of the performance issues of PS4 version,At the same time, we continue to improve the stability of all platforms.PS4 PRO and PS5 version of the game can provide the best experience on PlayStation.”

  Quick hand king glory club settled in Suzhou

  June 22 news,recently,The king’s glory professional electricity club KSG is officially settled in Suzhou.The person in charge of the fast hand is said,Suzhou has attached great importance to the development of electricity industry in recent years.Support policy friendship,The KSG club is home to Suzhou,There is an important positive impact on the improvement of fast-handed energy-winning brands and the formalization of operations.Fast hands will focus on professional electrical competitions,Deepen external cooperation.

  2021 Q1 China Cloud Service Expenditure is 6 billion US dollars

  June 22 news,According to the latest data of Canalys,In the first quarter of 2021, the Chinese market cloud infrastructure service spending has increased by 55%.Reach $ 6 billion.Since the Chinese government will list the cloud computing as the primary strategic focus,The growth of cloud infrastructure services in the Chinese market continues to exceed the rest of the world.Overall,China is second only to the United States,14% of global investment,It is 12% higher than the first quarter of 2020.China’s four major cloud service providers is Ali Cloud, Huawei Yun, Tencent Cloud and Baidu Intelligent Cloud,These four giants accounted for more than 80% of total expenditures.

  Lingokids won 40 million US dollars C-wheel investment

  June 22 news,Foreign educational game platform Lingokids received a $ 40 million financing,This fund will be used to develop a new content.Distance in the world now has only 100 teams,Further expand its own main products “Playlearning” in the international market.

  ”DOTA 2″ TI10 may be replaced

  June 22 news,V SH release announcement,Due to the relevant regulations of the Swedish Sports Bureau,It is difficult for players and related personnel that lead to non-European regions to get a visa.V Society has made many efforts without positive results.It has now begun to consider Ti10 in other countries in Europe.Time is still this year.


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