[infamous second son delsin]inFamous: Second Son


  By Staff

  21 March 2014 01:00 GMT

  Paint your first piece, get use to Delsin’s controls and make your way to the Longhouse.


  Take control of Delson and follow the prompts to paint the sign. Use the Dual Shock 4 to tile the nozzle of the can and cover the entire stencil to complete the piece, triggering a cutscene.

  Head to the door with the Exit sign and you’ll being to familiarise yourself with basic movement controls.

  Drop to the roof below and onto the dock, then up the ladder to the left, jumping from canister to canister and onto the dock. Keep following the dock to the beach and run a little further onto the broken dock.

  Head to the cliff with white spray paint, and climb the ledge to the left, dropping down onto the beach. Run up the log and across the rocks to the other side of the beach.

  There’s another ledge with graffiti on it here – climb to the top and walk to the right. Now jump to the rock below and grab onto the last ledge. Move to the left, climb up and enter the Longhouse.

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