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Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventure is the flagship event in the Genshin 1.6 update, introducing a new, limited-time area to explore, a new gadget, and a chance to earn the new Dodoco Tales catalyst weapon.

It¨s also where we get the first taste of boat travel in Genshin Impact with the Waverider. The island chain won¨t be around forever, though, as it and all its treasures disappear after June 28. This guide will help you get the most out of the Island Adventure before that happens.

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The Midsummer Island Adventure event introduces four new quests and runs through the end of June 28. The island chain will disappear after that, and miHoYo said there’s no way to access the islands again after the event is over, which means there’s no way to complete the quests after that either.

You¨ll need an Adventure Rank of 21 or higher to start the quest chain, and you also need to complete the Song of the Dragon and Freedom Archon Quest. The event also requires you to finish part one of Trifolium, Klee’s story quest, though that quest’s Adventure Rank requirement is lowered to 21 for the event¨s duration. Starting Trifolium requires completion of the Darknight Hero Quest in Mondstadt as well.

There’s a special event store open until June 28 where you can exchange Shiny Flotsam and Mini-Harpasta for unique rewards. These include Crowns of Insight and the event-exclusive item Fragments of Innocence used to refine Dodoco Tales.

Completing quests earns the usual Primogems and level-up items, plus the Wind-Blessed Harpastum gadget that lets you imitate Klee and chuck bombs at enemies. The event’s big draw comes in Act III of the quest chain: the new boss, Maguu Kenki. It drops items needed for Kazuha¨s Ascension and can still be challenged after the event ends.

Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventure

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The event¨s initial quest “Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown” unlocks after you download the update and start the game. Finishing it makes the Island Adventure’s first act available, and the remaining acts will unlock three days apart.

Act I: Main Cannon, Make Ready´ Fire!


June 9


Sail to monster forts in your new Waverider and eliminate the enemies there, either in direct combat or using the Waverider¨s cannons. There are 13 enemy strongholds in all.


Waverider repair kitPrimogemsHero¨s WitMora

Act II: Whirlpool off to Starboard… Full Speed Ahead!

This quest includes a sea course and an airborne course.


June 11


Complete Act IBegin the challenge and collect as many Wavesplitter tokens as possible in the allotted time.

Rewards by score:

10,000-19,999: Primogems and Mora20,000-29,999: Mora and Talent materials30,000+: Mora and Hero¨s WitWind-Blessed Harpastum (given regardless of score)

Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventure

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Act III: Samurai Sighted´ To Arms!


June 14


Complete Act IISail to Maguu Kenki¨s island, and defeat the boss


PrimogemsHero¨s WitMora

Act IV: Harpastum Bombs Loaded´ Blow `Em Away


June 17


Complete Act IIICraft harpastum bombs using materials found on the island, and use them to defeat enemies. Harpastum bombs replace Elemental Skills during the quest and can only be used on this island.


Mini Harpastum for exchange in the event shopWaverider repair kitPrimogemsHero¨s WitMora