[oino]Have You Heard?LA Priest – Oino


  Gone are the days when Sam Dust’s Late of the Pier soundtracked ‘Skins’ soundtracks and grim-as-fuck house parties. Kids are no longer suffocating on broken glowstick fumes, and to be honest just about every remnant of the mid-to-late’00s indie dance heyday’s shattered into sorry splinters. Crystal Castles’ slightly-off-feeling split from last year felt like the last breath of an already hard-to-pin-down movement.

  But the flavour hasn’t dissolved by one jot. Dust might be operating in a completely different zone with LA Priest, but his post-LOTP project possesses the same cheek, a similar attention-to-detail and most importantly, an undying desire for back-breaking hooks. ‘Oino’ is intelligent as sin, a masterful blend of funk, Egyptian-nodding samples and muted guitar lines that makes Jai Paul look like something of a pretender. Belonging both to the previous decade and the exciting years ahead, this is the sound of a musician Dust-ing off the past with spectacular swagger.