[jak and daxter ps4]Jak And Daxter Deserves A Reboot. Here’s Why.


  Jak and Daxter fans are no strangers to bad news about their favorite game, and they deserve some good news for a change. Before the 2019 re-release, on multiple past occasions in 2012 and 2016, Naughty Dog team members dispelled fan hopes of a new Jak and Daxter game, even speaking on their failed attempts. While it’s reassuring to know how much the developers care about getting it right, it’s hard knowing how close fans got to a new game before having their hopes dashed.

  Given the success of the Limited Run Games team-up, perhaps the Jak and Daxter developers have changed their minds since then. Even back in the 2012 interview where the attempt at a new game was discussed,?co-founder Evan Wells told Game Informer “Never say never” when it comes to the possibility of a future Jak and Daxter title.?

  Despite the obvious benefits of rebooting Jak and Daxter, from pleasing fans to raking in profits, it makes sense why Naughty Dog hasn’t chosen to do so. They’ve had their hands full with the recent (and controversial) release of The Last of Us 2?and the successful Uncharted games.